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Thursday, February 20, 2020

George Beremov's TOP 20 Best-Reviewed Movies of 2019

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1. Avengers: Endgame [3D] (9.50/10)

Quote: "...culminates in a staggering third act, featuring a colossally epic grand battle that dazzles the eyes, followed by a dramatically affecting finale that hits the heart."

Quote: "...Chapter 3 is pretty much action perfection, but it is the flashy visual style, dexterous cinematography, and snazzy use of light that elevate this one into a true genre art..."

3. Alita: Battle Angel [3D] (9.25/10)

Quote: "...boasting with its technical grandeur, super-swanky cyberpunk style, jaw-dropping futuristic imagery, thrilling battles, 
and spectacular set pieces..."

4. Knives Out (9.00/10)

Quote: "A brainy, dexterous, sharp-witted, smartly-conceived and brilliantly-executed Agatha Christie- esque murder mystery, whose pattern-like plot is so well-structured..."

5. Togo (9.00/10)

Quote: "...Core masterfully narrates a taut, thrilling, and adventurous underdog tale, mixed with a sweet and moving backstory, to bring this soul-stirring canine legend to life..."

6. Ford v Ferrari (8.75/10)

Quote: "Charged by its leads' chemistry, and balancing out deftly-crafted car racing scenes with cutting-edge sound effects that give an adrenaline rush, and a truly engrossing story..."

Quote: "...the most riveting non-plot movie you'll ever see, which is 2 hours of cheeky randomness about zest for acting, narcissism, and hippies, and 40 min of brutal awesomeness..."

8. Parasite (8.50/10)

Quote: "Inspired, unsettling, darkly quirky, at times shocking, but also deeply affecting, the brilliantly-conceived, thought-provoking, and delightfully unforeseeable..."

9. Midsommar [Director's Cut] (8.50/10)

Quote: "...gets under your skin with its visceral grimness, while ravishing your eyes with its visual vividness -- a contrast that mesmerizes, disturbs, confuses, and startles all at once."

10. Klaus (8.50/10)

Quote:  "...more than pretty visuals -- it's a daring, yet credible take on the origin of Santa, free of Christmas tropes, but also a sweet, funny and poignant story of growth, care and kindness..."

11. Marriage Story (8.50/10)

Quote: "...is an introspective and penetrating emotional roller coaster ride through happiness and sorrow, pleasure and agony,
and freedom and loneliness..."

12. Toy Story 4 [3D] (8.50/10)

Quote: "...offers so much more than a feast for the eyes, reintroducing old characters and presenting cute new ones, and concluding the series in the typical adventurous fashion..."

13. Luce (8.25/10)

Quote: "..."Luce" is a brainy, gripping, and stimulating illustration of deception and manipulation that utilizes delusion to rise its suspense
to an un-bearable level."

14. Ready or Not (8.25/10)

Quote: "...may be the deadliest 'hide and seek' game ever put on screen, set out to keep you on your toes with its edgy feel, non-stop tensity and Weaving's furiously badass turn..."

15. Mirage (8.25/10)

Quote: "..."Mirage" uses its intricate time-wrap-driven narrative structure to skillfully unveil the mystery behind its enthralling story, 
taking place in 2 parallel universes..."

16. Joker (8.00/10)

Quote: "Obscure, gritty, and with an off-putting feel that contrasts with its earthy color palette, but fits grimly well with the sense of havoc
and mass disorder in '70s Gotham..."

17. Richard Jewell (8.00/10)

Quote: "...a skillfully-crafted, evenly-paced and well-written film that effortlessly balances out drama, humor, wit, and sentiment, being quietly intense and consistently riveting throughout..."

18. Dark Waters (8.00/10)

Quote: "...does it in such a gripping, shocking and unsettling way, you can't take your eyes off, being also captivated by its murky in tone, toxically green-shaded cinematography."

19. Pain and Glory (8.00/10)

Quote: "...moody and melancholic, yet playful, humorous, and nostalgic flashback, built up to a clever final reveal that ties the 
past and present deftly..."

Quote: "...it also has a dark side about itself that contrasts to the touching nature of its central story, which is beautifully brought to life
by an imaginatively polished animation..."

Honorable mentions:
All Rated 7.75/10

1917 | Two Popes | Little Women | Kingdom | Aladdin | Shazam!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We watched Togo based on your recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I haven't seen half of those. Almost watched Midsommar three times now, but I've heard it's a love it or hate it kind of film. (Which is why I am both curious and hesitant.)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Alex, I'm so glad my review of Togo made you wanna see it and even more glad you enjoyed it that much. I loved pretty much everything about it and thought it was brilliant film making.

Watch the DC version of Midosmmar if you can, it's even better. ;)