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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

George Beremov's TOP 20 Best-Reviewed Movies of 2015 PART 1 [20 - 11]

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11. Spy (8.00/10)

Quote: "Constantly hilarious, smartly-plotted, variable in settings, dynamic in execution, held with style and great flair, and boasting one of the quirkiest and original fight and kill scenes this year..."

12. Liza, The Fox-Fairy (7.75/10)

Quote: "Quirky, colorful, and truly one of a kind, this Hungarian black comedy with retro vibe, and an exotic Asian flavor often feels like Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Wes Anderson's cinematic lovechild..."

13. Brooklyn (7.75/10)

Quote: "Accurately depicting the life of Irish immigrants in the US in the '50s, "Brooklyn" is a touching personal story with huge heart, and authentic looks, further elevated by the sensual acting by Ronan..."

14. The Walk (7.75/10)

Quote: "Offering visual thrills big enough to give you a huge adrenaline rush, and make your heart pound, an aspiring, if not inspiring true story that will hold your attention, and superb performance by Levitt..."

15. Jurassic World [3D] (7.50/10)

Quote: "...as soon as things go out of control and the dino mayhem kicks in, this solid sequel instantly 'sharpens its teeth', providing enough big thrills, intense attack and chase sequences, and arresting visuals..."

16. Straight Outta Compton (7.50/10)

Quote: "Full of attitude and rage, if a bit rough in the beginning, this controversial biopic depicts the struggles of street life, and those of success, in a brutally frank manner, never losing its dramatic impact..."

17. Shaun the Sheep (7.50/10)

Quote: "...yet another winner from Aardman, boasting an inventive, rich in detail, and superbly-executed stop-motion animation, energetic and delightfully un-cheesy characters, and a nearly epic story..."

18. Room (7.50/10)

Quote: "...uncomfortable to watch in its quietly dark and disturbing first half, set in a single filthy room, "Room" becomes very rewarding later on, in a way you have to experience to understand."

19. Bridge of Spies (7.50/10)

Quote: "...a neatly-paced, deeply engaging spy thriller, led by Tom Hanks' great performance, that owes its nice look to the slick cinematography, and outstanding production design."

20. 99 Homes (7.50/10)

Quote: "Gripping from beginning to the end, and with high level of intensity, but above all brilliantly-acted by its two capable leads, this is a contemporary rags-to-riches drama many viewers can relate to..."


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My wife has been bugging me to rent Shaun the Sheep.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

And you still haven't done that? You better redeem yourself -- it's an awesome flick :)