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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CineMarvellous presents: George Beremov's Biggest Cinematic Disappointments of 2014

A week or so before I release my TOP 20 Best-Reviewed Movies of 2014, I decided to make a list of the most disappointing films of 2014 in my book. 23 of them! The fact that I was disappointed by these doesn't necessarily mean I completely hated all of them... It means that I was more or less underwhelmed by them for certain reasons. Ordered from most to least, these are my 23 cinematic let downs of 2014:

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1. Under the Skin [4.50/10] 
"Great ending aside, it was so tedious, it almost put me to sleep!"

2. Horns [4.75/10]
"This messy horror romance is undoubtedly Aja's worst movie ever!"

3. Transcendence [5.00/10] 
"Who wasn't disappointed with this one, really?!"

4. The Giver [5.00/10] 
"'Lost in Translation' sums it up perfectly!"

5. Top Five [5.00/10] 
"If this one is considered funny, then there's something wrong with me!"

6. Birdman [5.25/10] 
"If this pretentious bore wins 'Best Picture', I'm gonna be so fu**ing mad!"

7. Maleficent [5.25/10] 
"Beautifully gloomy visuals, awfully cheesy story!"

8. A Million Ways to Die in the West [5.25/10] 
"There are million ways to call this one 'meh'."

9. [REC] 4: Apocalypse [5.25/10] 
"Ruined one of the greatest horror franchises in history!"

10. What We Do in the Shadows [5.50/10] 
"And what was exactly great about it?!"

11. Noah [5.75/10] 
"What was Aronosfsky thinking?"

12. The Guest [5.75/10] 
"C'mon, people! Stop overpraising mediocre movies!"

13. Fury [5.75/10] 
"An okay war movie that could have been so much more."

14. The Monuments Men [6.00/10] 
"Good, but simply not entertaining enough."

15. A Most Violent Year [6.00/10] 
"Frankly said, there's nothing violent about it."

16. Force Majeure [6.00/10] 
"If it wasn't European no one would have liked it that much."

17. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 [6.00/10] 
"Compared to the previous entry, this one failed to impress."

18. Selma [6.25/10] 
"Okay, I get it... It's an important film. But a far from gripping one."

19. Foxcatcher [6.25/10] 
"Let's be honest -- it was average at its very best!"

20. Blue Ruin [6.25/10] 
"Overrated for being different. Different is not always good."

21. Mr. Turner [6.50/10] 
"Pretty as a picture, but often feels like watching a paint dry."

22. Unbroken [6.50/10] 
"Another missed opportunity form actor-turned-director Angelina Jolie!"

23. Interstellar [7.00/10] 
"Technically immaculate, yet far from Nolan's best efforts!"


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

At least Interstellar scored high for a disappointment.
Transcendence just looked awful. Depp can't make a good movie now to save his life.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

It did. I liked it a lot. I just wasn't crazy about it. Way too moody and inconsistent for me.
Unfortunately, you're right about Depp, Alex. He's doomed!

dolorah said...

i really liked Maleficient.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Donna, I'm glad you did. I expected a lot more. It was not dark enough for me...