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Friday, October 24, 2014

[4.75/10] See No Evil 2 (2014)

See No Evil 2 (2014) 

Quick Review: A definite improve upon the dreadful original, yet still very generic, "See No Evil 2" is your typical slasher with zero brains, lots of blood, no actual plot, and stupid characters making stupid decisions. The Soska sisters certainly have a flair for style, and give the movie a 'slick coldness' feel, and the morgue it is set in will make you uneasy, but that's just half the job done. Kane is menacing and the death scenes are gory as hell, but the film could have been much more brutal.


Kaijinu said...

Hmm, no. Sorry, but this was a step down for me; the fun cheesiness of the first was gone and this slow-moving, dry dreck just ruined the original's reputation...

Also, hate what they did to Goodnight here. No one can survive getting a glass shard through the chest or get pumped with embalming fluid! (a bullet to the head? maybe.)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Kaijinu, we disagree yet again. :) Sorry, but I thought the first one was almost unwatchable for me. I remember I gave it a 2.50 or something. It was that bad.