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Saturday, August 23, 2014

George Beremov's TOP 20 Favorite Movies of 2013 PART 2 [10 - 1]

CM's Best-Reviewed Movies of 2013

PART 2 [No. 10 - 1]

1. Snowpiercer (9.75/10)

Overall summary: "Snowpiercer" is thrillingly uncompromising, at times shockingly violent, but always hugely engrossing, and jaw-droppingly imaginative gem of a post-apocalyptic movie, that grabs all your senses with its originality, and highly contrasting bleak-to-vibrant imagery.

2. 12 Years a Slave (9.50/10)

Overall summary: It's a beautifully-shot, and marvelously-acted film about American slavery, in which the lush cinematography contrasts dramatically with the tough subject matter of the story, as does the raw emotion against the devastating violence.

3. The Conjuring (9.50/10)

Overall summary: James Wan is hands down at the top of his game with "The Conjuring" - an old-fashioned, atmospheric, tastefully-crafted, and genuinely frightening creepfest, that can be easily considered one of the ten best horror movies of the past decade!

4. Frozen [3D] (9.25/10)

Overall summary: With its magically adventurous, yet sweet story, charming characters, breathtaking and richly detailed animation and phenomenal use of 3D, "Frozen" is the very best animated feature of 2013, and also one of Disney's most finest!

5. Pacific Rim (8.75/10)

Overall summary: Giant robots, even more ginormous sea monsters, confident characters, stunning visuals, stupendous action, sensational special effects, and all this directed by the uber-imaginative Guillermo del Toro. What not to like, even love, really?!?

6. Iron Man 3 (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Every bit as engaging, witty, and humorous, as it's visually spectacular and impressively action-packed, "Iron Man 3" never takes itself way too seriously, and has all the right ingredients for a cool, successful, and highly enjoyable superhero flick.

7. Man of Steel (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Yeah, "Man of Steel" is too much, but too much of awesomeness! The sci-fi-ish approach feels different, the ambitious story keeps you drawn in, Snyder's visual style is slick as usual, the CGIs are flawless, and the action is kinetic.

8. The Grandmaster (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Its unevenness aside, "The Grandmaster" is not only a wise and philosophical film, but also one of the most polished martial arts movies ever created, flaunting Kar-wai's elegant direction, and Woo-ping's masterful fight choreography.

9. Prisoners (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Slightly overlong, yet always compelling, and quietly intense, "Prisoners" is a brilliantly-conceived, and smoothly-executed crime thriller with a grit that matches its grim tone, complemented by the two outstanding central performances.

10. Gravity (8.25/10)

Overall summary: Technically truly exceptional, visually-sumptuous, well-acted and thoroughly intense from start to finish, yet tad overhyped, "Gravity" showcases Cuaron's great versatility as a director, and his ability to provide his audience with something unique.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some excellent choices. Man of Steel ended up with such a backlash, but once I saw it the second time, I thought it was even better.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Thanks, Alex. Glad you think so. ;) Man of Steel rocked my world!