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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quick Reviews: 2013 Movies [PART 02]

Hatchet III (2013) - It has basically no plot, the practical effects are rather questionable, and there's not a single character you'd care for, but if you're in the mood for guts galore, buckets of blood, and over-the-top goriness, than this one is the movie for you. (4.50/10)

Stoker (2013) - Despite its well-chosen cast, and potentially intriguing story, this Hitchcockian thriller fails on so many levels. From the not-so interesting, if not boring characters to the mysterious, yet confusing plot, everything about "Stoker" is so half-baked. (4.75/10)

You're Next (2013) - It looks pretty decent considering its limited budget, the kill scenes leave nothing to imagination, and Sharni Vinson saves it from being another pointless slasher crap, but sadly "You're Next" ain't original or smart enough to be memorable. (5.00/10)

The Lords of Salem (2013) - "The Lords of Salem" is a mixed bag. While definitely not that scary, it has an eerie, almost depressing tone that works in its favor, and also easily wins the title for 'the oddest horror movie of the year'... in a (sort of) good way. (5.25/10)

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) - It has its moments of dread, and the cast do their best, but "Insidious: Chapter 2" lacks the genuine creepiness of the original, besides, Wan's inconsistent direction, and clumsy execution bring the overall quality of this sequel down. (5.50/10)

The World's End (2013) - While neither as brilliant, nor as bonkers as Edgar Wright's previous films, "The World's End" is a downright hilarious alien-esque comedy full of typical British humor, moronic, yet likable characters, and cool CGIs for you to enjoy. (6.75/10)

Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) - With its amusing and fun-to-watch British cast, likable characters, top-notch CGIs, considerably brisk and tight pacing, and startling action scenes, the truly enjoyable "Jack the Giant Slayer" is nothing, but mindless entertainment. (6.75/10)

The Wolverine (2013) [Extended] - For a 130-minute superhero movie "The Wolverine" could have had a little bit more action, but other than that and some pacing issues, it's a slick and stylish flick with a refreshing Asian flavor, that sets it apart from all the rest. (7.50/10)

Gravity (2013) - Technically exceptional, visually-sumptuous, well-acted and thoroughly intense from start to finish, yet tad overhyped, "Gravity" showcases Alfonso Cuaron's great versatility as a director, and his ability to provide his audience with something unique. (8.25/10)

Iron Man 3 (2013) - Every bit as engaging, witty, and humorous, as it's visually spectacular and impressively action-packed, "Iron Man 3" never takes itself way too seriously, and has all the right ingredients for a cool, successful, and highly enjoyable superhero flick. (8.75/10)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't see a couple of them. Your top two are in my top five. Sadly, Wolverine disappointed me so much, it was probably the worst film I saw last year.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I'm surprised you didn't like The Wolverine. I thought it was pretty good, and I loved the fact that most of the movie took place in Japan. It made it so different. Yay for Iron Man3 and Gravity!:)