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Thursday, December 13, 2012

[7.25/10] Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

QuickRating: "Fantastic Mr. Fox." director Wes Anderson's latest  feature may be a bit too bizarre for more traditional viewers, but this dreamy, surreal, and delightfully whimsical kids' adventure is still unique and charming in it's own way. The acting is top-notch, and the relationship between the two protagonists is genuinely adorable, plus, set in the mid 60s, "Moonrise Kingdom" has a cool retro vibe to it, shown through the vividly warm color palette and vibrant visuals.


Unknown said...

I am dying to see this, but have not had the opportunity to check it out. bizarre and retro are right up my alley.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Wes Anderson is a fascinating filmmaker. It sounds like even this kids film is right up there.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Mel, I always expect nothing less then great from Wes Anderson, and he didn't disappoint me with this one wither. It's quirky, it's sweet, and it's pretty unique. You should give it a go. :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maurice, he is! I love his work, too.
Well, that's definitely not your ordinary kid flick, so I think you should check it out. :)