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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[5.00/10] The Vow (2012)

The Vow (2012)

Brief review: Based on the true story of real-life couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, "The Vow" is director Michael Sucsy's very first theatrically released movie in his career. While the film's plot is inspired by one touching and truly heartfelt story, unlike this real story, the movie fails to make a big impact, because, strangely and ironically enough, it feels fabricated and improbable. The main reason for this paradoxicality lies in its banally-written script, filled with cliches, cheesy romance and trite dialogues, we've seen and heard million times before. Further more, "The Vow" is so obvious, you don't need to be Nostradamus to predict each next scene and pretty much every line. On a positive note, there are some moving moments that actually work, but those are very few and far between. The main cast is incredibly appealing, no doubt about that. Rachel McAdams is full of talent and possesses a true natural charisma, but sadly the weak script doesn't allow her to shine at all. Even the character she plays is not that likable. Channing Tatum's handsomeness works in his favor as usual, but his dramatic acting skills have yet to be developed. Fortunately, the chemistry between the two leads is strong enough, at least most of the time. Sam Neill and Jessica Lange's screen time is way too limited, the supporting cast is instantly forgettable, and Michael Sucsy's generic direction is nothing to write home about.

Overall summary: Aside from a couple of moving moments and Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum's good on-screen chemistry, "The Vow" is just another forgettable romantic dramedy, that suffers from its dated, hackneyed premise, flimsy script and complete predictability.


FilmMattic said...

I applaud your courage, George. If I were paid an inordinate amount of money, still I would not subject myself to this terribly unoriginal romcom. That being said, your review justifies my repulsion.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

First things first, I'm glad to see you back on track, Matty. Where the hell have you been? We've missed you.

The Vow wasn't a rom-com, but it was definitely unoriginal. It was a romantic drama with a touch of humor, that filed to deliver big time. Far from terrible though.

Unknown said...

I loathe these romantic claptraps. They're cliche to the core, manipulative and lack any semblance of good story. I think McAdams seriously limits herself by accepting these cheesy Lifetime Movie Network roles. I would not have given this five stars. More like negative five. ;)

I think the film suffered also because in the real story, the couple are born again Christians who say God made their love happen, then get rekindled after her memory loss. Nobody wants to see a movie about God and romance, especially with hotties like Channing and Rachel getting "naked". LOL

Craig Edwards said...

Doesn't seem like one for me - thanks for taking the shot for me George!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Mel, I agree with you. I think they've picked Rachel, because of her great role in "The Notebook" - a pretty damn good romantic drama.

Hey, everything below 6 stars is a negative in my book, don't you know that? :)

The naked scenes were actually one of the better moments this movie had to offer. LOL.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Craig, I doubt that cheesy romantic is your cup of tea. Skip it.

Unknown said...

LOL, yeah I could see how the naked scenes were the best. ;)

In spite of my earlier comments, I do think this would have worked better had they stuck more to the real story. It's a very moving tale.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Mel, it could have been better if they stuck more to the true story it was inspired by.

The naked scenes were kinda hot, and the ladies would enjoy them too, because one of them features Channing's butt. :)

Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch cheesy RomComs hahaha. Wifey will have to watch them on her own. Occasionally I will see one that is okay, but the are far and few between.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Stephen, I bet your wife would enjoy it. It's not that bad. :)

I agree, most rom-coms out there are pretty lame.

Maurice Mitchell said...

George, I didn't think it was too bad. Romantic movies are formulaic, but so are action movies. It's not great, but I'd bump it up by at least one star. Maybe two.
- Maurice Mitchell
The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
@thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maurice, I didn't think it was that bad either. I just thought it felt somewhat dated. Maybe if it was made 10 years ago, it would have been more successful.

FilmMattic said...

That funny thing called life got in the way of my blogging...work, relationships, all that good stuff. I'm glad to see you're still doing an awesome job on the review front :)

And feel free to stop by my blog. Haven't seen you around in what seems like forever :P

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Matty, I understand. I'm happy that my schedule allows me to post regularly. :) Thanks, buddy.

I haven't forgotten about your fantastic blog, but your latest posts are about old school stuff, and I'm wildly unfamiliar with those films, hence, I don't feel comfortable discussing them.