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Saturday, November 5, 2011

[5.50/10] What's Your Number? (2011)

What's Your Number? (2011)

As expected, "What's Your Number?" is an extremely predictable and instantly forgettable romantic comedy, that barely brings anything new to the table, however, thanks to its somewhat creative concept and spot-on chemistry between the two leads, it ends up being pretty watchable. Anna Faris is sharp, funny and likable as usual, and even the goofy Chris "Captain America" Evans does a decent job playing a modern day Casanova.


Unknown said...

I'll tell you I love the idea of a woman being the one with the numbers. It's such a double standard with women being considered sluts if they've slept with more than a certain number of men while guys are hardly judged at all. I like Anna Faris and Chris I could take or leave, but this looks like a fun, light movie, especially since they have good chemistry. Perhaps a Saturday afternoon diversionary tactic.

✗✗ said...

This definitely sounds like a Netflix pick. Love Chris Evans and Anna Faris is sometimes a hit or miss but it sounds like it’s worth a watch on day I’m bored.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Mel, unfortunately that's the sad truth. Women who have slept with more than 5-6 men are being considered sluts. Anna's character has slept with 19. LOL. See it! It's funny and pleasant to watch.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Nicole, believe me, Farris is great here. For me, Chris Evans is the one who's hit or miss. Mostly miss. LOL.

Russell_Oz said...

I was dragged to this one by the GF and it was pretty much what I thought it was going to be; average.

However, there were occasional moments where I actually enjoyed myself. One was when Ally meets up with her English ex and the issues she has with the accent, I actually laughed during this part. And the second was surprisingly the marriage vows between her sister and her husband, I thought it was actually sweet.

Aside from those 2 parts, it was very average.

One other thing, no one does a pratfall like Anna Farris.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Russel, it was pretty watchable in my opinion even if a bit silly.
Anna was brilliant, and I absolutely enjoyed her hilarious performance. And yes, those moments you mentioned above were amusing. :)