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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interview: "CineMarvellous!" has been crowned Horror Blog of the Month over at MM's Horror Movie Diary!

Five months ago, Maynard Morrissey a.k.a. Harry over at MM's Horror Movie Diary started a brand new column called Horror Blog of the Month, in order to pay tribute to all the passionate bloggers that write about horror stuff. His idea was to present one excellent horror blog each month, including a survey, where he asks the blogger some horror-related questions.

So far great blogs like The Girl Who Loves Horror, I Like Horror Movies, Porkhead's Horror Review Hole and Mondo Bizarro have been crowned Horror Blog of the Month, and now, thanks to Harry, who recognized my huge passion for the genre, I'm amongst those lucky bloggers :)

Last month Harry called me and asked me to do this awesome interview. I was pleasantly surprised that my blog was his pick for May 2011, and also very excited to do the interview you can read below. I would like to thank to my Austrian friend, Harry, who's not only a true horror connoisseur, but also an incredible person!


Another month, another marvellous Horror-blog!

MAY I introduce to you:

The absolutely wonderful CINEMARVELLOUS!

Technically it's not a pure horror blog, since creator Nebular a.k.a. George, a nice guy from Bulgaria, reviews all genres - yet, he has a soft spot for everything horror-related, which makes "CineMarvellous!" THE Number1-Blog when it comes to short-and-sweet reviews for recently released horror flicks;plus: it's one of the most beautiful looking blogs out there.

Hi George! Who are you and why do you blog?

Who am I? Well, my name is George and I am what I am – a complete film geek from South-Eastern Europe, who loves to watch, talk and write about movies. It all started 7 years ago with a movie journal over at Rotten Tomatoes, but in 2008 the editors of RT screwed up pretty much everything with an unnecessary ‘update’ of their website, so I moved to Blogger. Till then, I didn’t know about its existence, which is a shame, coz Blogger is absolutely amazing and, most importantly, it gives you the freedom to write about anything you like, plus it’s 100% free. Though, sometimes I miss my old RT journal, I don’t have any regrets whatsoever about moving to Blogger and starting my own site. It changed my life completely, and I am truly grateful to all my friends, readers and supporters, and to the creators of Blogger, of course.

I blog because I have huge passion for movies, not only horror movies, but cinema in general. I love different genres, such as martial arts, sci-fi, fantasy, and even animated features, though horror remains my most favorite movie genre of them all.

My blog is not the typical horror movie blog, it’s more of an “all-rounder”, but it includes a huge horror section in it, a section that features hundreds of reviews and numerous horror movie-related top lists. Check it out, and I hope you guys like it.

Which movie made you a horror fan (and why)?

I’ll mention a few titles from my childhood, that had a huge impact on me, and made me become the horror geek that I am today: “The Evil Dead” and its brilliant sequel, “Gremlins”, “Child’s Play”, “Dead Alive”, and of course, “The Exorcist”. I think all these horror classics speak for themselves, and no explanation is necessary.

Who is your favorite horror director (and why)?

If you expect me to say “big” names like Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Dario Argento, George A. Romero, or the Master of Suspense, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, you might be disappointed. I know it’s lame and most true horror fans will “Boo” me, but I prefer contemporary horror film-makers, such as Guillermo del Toro (The most passionate and creative master of visionary horror), Jaume Balagueró (Pure genius, who knows what he’s doing, and fully understands the meaning of true horror), and the one and only, Mr. Sam Raimi – the man who made me fall in love with horror movies in the first place.

Your alltime horror favorites are...

Yay for this question! OK, so here’s my TOP 10 Favorite Horror Movies of All-Time:
  1. Jaume Balagueró's “[REC]” (2007)
  2. Neil Marshall's “The Descent” (2005)
  3. William Friedkin's “The Exorcist” (1973)
  4. Hideo Nakata's “Ringu” (1998) & Gore Verbinski’s “The Ring” (2002)
  5. Pascal Laugier's “Martyrs” (2008)
  6. Steven Spielberg's “Jaws” (1975)
  7. Ridley Scott's “Alien” (1979)
  8. John Carpenter's “The Thing” (1982)
  9. Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby (1968)
  10. Tom Holland's “Child's Play” (1988)
And now my TOP 5 Favorite Horror Comedies of All-Time:
  1. Joe Dante's "Gremlins" (1984)
  2. Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive" (1992)
  3. Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn" (1987)
  4. Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead" (1979)
  5. Ruben Fleischer's "Zombieland" (2009)
What's the worst horror movie you've seen so far?

I’ve seen so many terrible horror movies over the years, it’s really hard to pick only one. That’s why I’ll name… 10! So, the ten worst horror movies I’ve ever seen, in no particular order, are:
        • Alone in the Dark (2005)
        • Eye See You (2000)
        • It Waits (2005)
        • FearDotCom (2002)
        • The Thirst (2006)
        • Satan’s Playground (2006)
        • Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)
        • Soul Survivors (2001)
        • Haunted Forest (2007)
I gave 0 stars out of 10 to all these completely awful and literally unwatchable horror flicks! They just shouldn’t have existed.

Most of my friends don't like horror films. How about your friends?

Yep, exact same thing here. Most of my friends get easily scared by horror movies, especially the girls you know. I remember a couple of years ago I ‘forced’ five of my friends to watch Jaume Balagueró’s “[REC]” (without me), and after that, all five of them have had nightmares for weeks. All five were so terrified, they told me they almost wet their pants while watching it. They said to me: “You’re crazy, dude. This film was insane! We shouldn’t have watched it.” I found this reaction rather hilarious. LOL. C’mon – they were just overreacting. :)

So, that’s why I watch horror flicks all by myself, well, most of the time.

Jason? Freddy? Michael? Other?

If I have to be brutally honest, I have to say that I don’t find either of these particularly scary, and you know why? Because all of them hardly talk – they’re just muted psycho killers with masks, who slaughter people without any real motive. B-O-R-I-N-G! Candyman, on the other hand, is in totally different league – the way he talks and the things he says make my bones chill. He’s absolutely intimidating and downright terrifying, and I just love him. So, I choose Candyman!

US horror? Euro horror? Asian horror? Other?

OK, this one is easy. European horror, definitely! I adore Spanish, French, British and Scandinavian horror cinema! In general, Spanish horrors are highly-atmospheric and creepy as hell, French horror films are unpredictable and twisted, British horrors are unique and unusual, and Scandinavian horror flicks are always well-executed, tense and entertaining.

Asian horror is kinda pretentious and often repetitive (Long-haired ghosts, anyone?), however, movies like “Ringu”, “Dark Water”, and “A Tale of Two Sisters” are pure genius!

American horror movies are either remakes / reboots, or sequels / prequels, or, well, lacking in originality. At least they look good.

Do you prefer watching horror at home or at the theater?

Definitely at home, alone, at night, with the lights turned off. The darker and the scarier the whole atmosphere is – the better! I enjoy watching horror flicks at the theater, too, but it’s rarely as effective as watching them at home.

What music do you like?

This may surprise you, but I’m a huge fan of house music. I love listening vocal, progressive and groovy house, but, no, I’m not a party animal, I just love the rhythm, the beat and the energy this type of music provides to its listeners.

What do you read?

Honestly said, I’m not the biggest reader in the world. I’m currently reading Steven Jay Schneider’s “101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die”, and I think it’s a fascinating book, though I don’t agree with some of the writer’s picks.

Tell me the first 3 things that come to your mind when you think about Austria:

1. Neatness
2. Spectacular architecture
3. A high standard of living

I reckon these 3 things describe your beautiful country quite perfectly.

Anything else you wanna tell us?

Be yourself, enjoy life, love, eat, watch horror movies, have fun, and don’t be afraid to show your feelings and express your emotions. At the end of the day, that’s what life is - a vortex of emotions!

And guys, I just wanted to tell you that English isn’t my first language, so please, don’t be too hard on me.

Maynard, thank you so much for this interview, it’s been a tremendous pleasure!

Thank YOU, George!

See the original post HERE


Maynard Morrissey said...

Wowza, that's one helluva uber-lage post! Thank you George, really appreciate it. You rock!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, George! Excellent interview and movie choices. You have good taste, my man!

FilmMattic said...

Great interview and congrats!

Kudos for the mention of Candyman. I thought I was the only person terrified by that movie.

And I'm with you on your appreciation of Sam Raimi. The guy's a genius, especially with Horror. And European horror is diverse and provocative. Excellent choice!

levian said...

congratulation on the award! i'm sure you deserved it as much as you deserved the 2010 animation award. i was here through the comment you left at my blog. :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maynard, it is... and I love it! :) Thank YOU, Harry. I had so much fan with this interview, I could read it over and over again. You're welcome, mate. ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Alex, thank you so much. So glad you liked the interview and my picks. Your opinion is always appreciated. :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Matty, thanks, dude. :)

I was more scared than the Candyman himself rather than the movie as a whole, but he definitely gave me the creeps, and he's such a memorable character.

Raimi is so refreshing and creative as a director, I just love him! And you never know that to expect from European horror, that's why I love it the most.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

levian , thank you so much! :)
Well, I didn't deserve the Animation award as much as you did, but I was glad to share it with you :) Your blog is pretty amazing, keep up the good work. Oh, and thanks for becoming a follower :)

Unknown said...

Wow! What a provocative, brilliant and all around hellacool interview. Congratulations on the award, it is very, very well deserved and I have to say that Maynard certainly has superior taste.

I love, love your responses. So original and brilliant , just like you. :) Evil Dead, Child's Play, The Thing and The Exorcist are some of my all time favorite horror films. And yes, watching them alone in the dark is the best way to see and experience horror.

Forgive this very late response, sweetie. My schedule has been thrown off big time and I am trying to get my act together. Email coming soon. Hugs!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

WOW, thanks, Mel! :) So glad you enjoyed the interview. I did too. It was surprising, unexpected, and... lots of fun :) Oh, and Maynard is a super-cool guy :)

Evil Dead, Child's Play, The Thing and The Exorcist all are timeless horror classics.

It's okay, hon, don't worry. I've been busy the last couple of days also. Hugs 4 my Mel! :)

Unknown said...

Since Blogger obviously lost my comments, I'll have to repeat myself. LOL Too bad I can't remember what it was I said

Congratulations on this award. It is absolutely well-deserved. What a fantastic interview as well. I adore Child's Play and Evil Dead. And yes, there is no other way to watch a horror film except with all the lights out.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Thanks, Mel. So glad you enjoyed reading it. I had a great time with it too.

And, yes, Evil Dead, Child's Play, The Thing and The Exorcist all are timeless horror classics!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

No worries, hon. Your comment has been recovered. :)
Thank you so much, Mel - I was very happy to win the award, too.
You know what? I grew up with "Child's Play" and "Gremlins" and I absolutely ADORE both films.