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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Numerous QuickRatings PART 3: 2010 Movies [1]

Hereafter (2010)

It may not be one of
Clint Eastwood's strongest efforts, but "Hereafter" offers a thoroughly compelling and thought-provoking story that deals with the intriguing subject matter of 'after life', and it's elevated by its talented cast, Eastwood's smooth direction, the moody cinematography, and some truly impressive visual effects.

My Rating: 7.25/10

The Clinic (2010)

QuickRating: Slightly original and thoroughly disturbing, yet hardly credible and lacking in genuine suspense, "The Clinic" is a low-budget Australian horror flick, that may suffer from mediocre execution and sub-par directing, but it compensates with an efficient acting, plenty of mystery and intrigue, and enough shocks and gore to keep genre addicts contented.

My Rating: 6.50/10

Morning Glory (2010)

QuickRating: Far from great and often uneven, yet refreshingly sweet, charming and enjoyable, "Morning Glory" is a 'behind-the-scenes TV' comedy, that delivers both the laughs and the drama, led entirely by McAdams' captivating performance as the determined and ambitious Becky, and Ford's charismatic turn as the grumpy Mike Pomeroy.

My Rating: 6.50/10

Due Date (2010)

QuickRating: Just like Todd Phillips' previous effort "The Hangover", "Due Date" is just an overhyped comedy, that is neither as entertaining, nor as amusing as it thinks it is, and despite its two leads share a good chemistry on screen, the movie fails to impress, or to evoke any laughter, due to its painfully unfunny script and lackluster execution.

My Rating: 4.50/10


Unknown said...

I have only seen Morning Glory and I did not it in the least. It was too sweet, too charming and frankly, boring to me. I nearly took a ten dollar nap. :)

As to Hereafter, I've been wanting to see it as the plot sounds very intriguing and it's Eastwood and Damon. I have no interest in Due Date, was not a big fan of The Hangover and did not understand all the praise. I like the idea of The Clinic, the shock and gore sound right up my alley and I love the artwork on the poster there.

Wonderful reviews, sweetie, engaging and to the point. You have a cool, eclectic selection here and I am looking forward to seeing your next round. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, Due Date sounds bad.

✗✗ said...

I was curious about "Morning Glory." The previews appeared quite charming but I wasn't sure. I love Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton so I will probably still see this one since it's rentable now. It's funny because I loaned "Due Date" to my parents and they didn't like it either and they usually like these dumb comedies. I totally see what everyone means when they say it's horrible but for some reason I thought some of it was funny... I guess I stand alone hahaha. : ) I think it's because I have been in a mildly similar situation with similar personalities. As for "Hereafter" I haven't even heard of that film but I will have to look out for that one. Sounds pretty good!

Loving these QuickRatings! ; )

LoneIslander said...

I never got to see any of these before.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Mel, really? I enjoyed it quite a lot, despite its weaknesses. Huge McAdams fan here :)

You should give Hereafter a shot. It was very intriguing, though most critics hated it. Definitely, not one of Eastwood's best films, but still worth seeing.

Hated Due Date and HATED The Hangover even more. Just like you, I didn't get the hype either.

The Clinic was a bizarre experience, but interesting nevertheless. The twist in the end was kinda shocking, yes.

Thanks, Mel, though I reckon I'm a bit out of muse lately :( Anyway, glad you still liked those quickratings, sweetie :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Alex, it's as bad as it sounds. Skip it!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Nicole, "Morning Glory" was kinda sweet :) You may check it out ;) I love Rachel McAdams too, but I totally hate Diane Keaton - she always overacts.

I didn't find anything funny about "Due Date". I love Robert D.J., but Galifianakis annoyed me to death. I couldn't stand him. You know what, I didn't like any of Todd Phillips' movies. Not a single one! That's why he has become my least favorite director working today.

You've never heard of "Hereafter"? Seriously? :) Hey, it's Eastwood's! Give it a chance, you might like it.

Thanks, Nic! So glad you like those QRs ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

LoneIslander, you haven't missed much.

Paulog30 said...

Due Date was extremely funny! Sorry do not agree with review!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Buddha, it's okay. I just didn't find ANYTHING funny about it. Lame, lame, lame! :)

Dempsey Sanders said...

Hereafter is definately one I can't wait to watch. I have watched Due Date and for once I have a different opinion too you (I know, shock horror) I absolotely loved it, but I guess its a matter of comedic preference. I laughed all the way through it. Afew I havnt seen on this list yet but must. Great list

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

"Hereafter" remained a bit overlooked in my opinion, which is a pity, since the film shows a whole new side of Eastwood.

Ah, Demps, really? I found it a bit tiresome and somewhat grim and ugly. Oh, and I can't stand Galifianakis... like at all.

Thanks, mate. ;)

Maynard Morrissey said...

I hated Due Date. Hated, hated, hated it. A retarded and dreadful quasi-reinterpretation of "Planes, Trains & Automobiles".

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maynard, I did too. Not as much as I hated "The Hangover" though :) ha-ha

"A retarded and dreadful quasi-reinterpretation of "Planes, Trains & Automobiles". - WELL-SAID! I agree 100%!

Maynard Morrissey said...