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Monday, February 14, 2011

George Beremov's TOP 20 Favorite Movies of 2010 PART 2 [10 - 1]

CM's Best-Reviewed Movies of 2010
PART 2 [No. 10 - 1]


1. The Social Network (9.75/10)

Overall summary: Marvellously-written, masterfully-directed, sharply-edited, and hugely engrossing, "The Social Network" is hands down the best movie of the year so far, a true masterpiece of modern cinema, and one of Fincher's finest achievements along with "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Fight Club" and "Se7en".

2. Black Swan (9.50/10)

Overall summary: Remarkable in its terrifying brilliance and captivating in its ballet-like gracefulness, "Black Swan" is the most sophisticated and beautifully-schizophrenic horror film of the year, if not the decade.

3. Tangled [3D] (9.50/10)

Overall summary: Filled with smart and witty dialogues, hilarious characters, eye-popping visuals and stunning 3D effects, "Tangled" is, arguably, the best non-Pixar Disney film, since their 1991 masterpiece, "Beauty and the Beast", and, hands down, the funniest animated flick I've seen in my life.

4. Inception (9.50/10)

Overall summary: Christopher Nolan's "Inception" is a groundbreaking, intriguing, exhilarating, super-compelling, and visually mind-blowing sci-fi thriller, that's destined to become a timeless classic!

5. Jianyu a.k.a.
Reign of Assassins (9.50/10)

Overall summary: Visually-fantastic, spectacularly-choreographed and captivatingly entertaining, "Reign of Assassins" is the best martial arts film since Zhang Yimou's 2006 visual feast, "Curse of the Golden Flower", and my favorite movie of 2010, along with Fincher's "The Social Network"!
6. Trolljegeren a.k.a.
The Troll Hunter (9.25/10)

Overall summary: Due to its chillingly-original concept, pitch-perfect execution and mind-blowing visuals, "The Troll Hunter" ranks right up there with such mocku-masterpieces as "[REC]" and "The Blair Witch Project".

7. How to Train Your Dragon [3D]

Overall summary: "How To Train Your Dragon" can surely be added to the list of fantastic animated films of the past 10 years - it's a touching, beautifully-crafted and visually-spectacular film about family, friendship, tolerance and something more!

8. Toy Story 3 (9.25/10)

Overall summary: With its witty, moving script, engaging story and utterly likable characters, "Toy Story 3" is not just a great piece of animated storytelling, it's also an absolutely brilliant piece of film-making.

9. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (9.25/10)

Overall summary: Totally refreshing, wildly imaginative, extremely funny, and spectacularly dazzling, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" is the most original and visually-unique movie since Stephen Chow's cartoonish martial arts extravaganza, "Kung Fu Hustle", and almost like nothing you have seen before.

10. 127 Hours (9.00/10)

Overall summary:
A visual and technical tour-de-force, accompanied by James Franco's irresistible performance, "127 Hours" is one of Danny Boyle's most remarkable achievements, and certainly one of 2010's best films.


Unknown said...

Great, great top 10. :) I think the only ones I have not seen are 2,5 and 7. And they are in my Netflix. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Thanks, Mel, dear. Oh, you should definitely check them out. Those 3 are amazing. By the way, did you receive my e-mail from yesterday?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now you're talking!
I still hope to catch Reign of Assassins.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Yep! I did save the best for last ;) And you Dragon's here! ;) Oh, you should definitely see Assassins - it was fantastic!

FilmMattic said...

Great list my man! Glad you got The Social Network in the top spot! I did the same with my list.

Also, glad you put Scott Pilgrim in your top 10. I feel like this movie did not get enough positive buzz, and is vastly underrated. Edgar Wright is a brilliant filmmaker with a very witty, visual comedic style.

HTTYD was best 3D movie of the year, by far. Inception was my #2 film of the year (biggest Nolan fan here), and Reign of Assassins was indeed "visually-fantastic."

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Thanks, Matt.

You know what, I was absolutely blown away by The Social Network.. I barely blinked throughout the movie, and I was like... WOW, you must be a great talent to make such an incredible movie. It was near perfect!

Scott Pilgrim won me over with its utter originality, though I expected a bit more. HTTYD was the second-best 3D film of the year...right after Tangled.

As for Reign of Assassins... it just rocked my world! :)

✗✗ said...

Perfect top 10!! I haven't seen a couple of those but that's an easy fix-I trust they are fantastic based on your approval. I am of course thrilled to see Scott Pilgrim!! "The Social Network" of course took the deserving number 1 spot. I just recently saw "Let Me In" and that was not what I was expecting, it was better. It was creepy but also beautiful. I really liked it. Great top 20!

Also, Happy Valentines Day!! I hope you have a great one dear!!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Ah, thanks, Nicole. That's so sweet of you :) "The Social Network" was the clear winner in my book :) "Let Me In" was surprisingly amazing - I enjoyed it a lot more than the original. So hauntingly beautiful!

Thanks, sweetheart. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Love your new profile photo! :)

Jaccstev said...

Yay! Those all are wonderful movies! (still haven't seen Tangled though) :)
I'm really happy looking at our proudest of 2010, "Reign of Assassins", is also there as one of the highest CM's Best-Reviewed Movies of 2010 ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Ah, Jaccs, your opinions are always priceless. Thank you so much, buddy! Hey, you should give "Tangled" a shot - it was such a delight to watch. Probably the most pleasant surprise of 2010!

Our favorite "Reign of Assassins" deserves its No. 2 spot, as it's without a doubt the best martial arts flicks in years.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Supercrods, I'm glad you do. I saw your list, but none of my picks was on it... at least none of my top 10. :)

The Fighter was amazing movie, and I'm glad it was your No.1 for 2010. :)

Supercords said...

Sorry, I meant the whole list in your post, not just the top 10 :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Shane, I figured right after I posted my comment. Sorry bout that. :)