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Friday, February 18, 2011

[4.50/10] Husk (2011)

Husk (2011)

Brief review: Brought by After Dark Films, "Husk" follows a group of friends stranded near a desolate cornfield find shelter in an old farmhouse, though they soon discover the dwelling is the center of a supernatural ritual. January horror releases are typically weak, and "Husk" is no exception. The film deals with rituals and scarecrows, but sadly neither of these subject matter are particularly interesting, or original, or even remotely scary. However, after a terribly formulaic first half, "Husk" manages to deliver some some suspenseful and jump-worthy moments that save it from being completely dull and boring. The cast of young unknown actors do their best with the given material, but none of them particularly stands out. Brett Simmons does a fairly good job behind the camera, offering some dynamic camera movements and shooting versatility, but his decent direction can't compensate for the lack of ideas and budget. Although the cornfield settings have been quite overused, especially in horror movies, those in "Husk" are truly atmospheric and often creepy, mostly during the night scenes. Unfortunately, a handful of creepy visuals can't make up for a lame story, poor script, and lack of genuine scares.

Overall summary: Despite it offers some creepy settings and a couple of very intense scenes, "Husk" ends up as just another built-on-cliches horror flick that fails to make any impression.


Jaccstev said...

On par with other After Dark Films products, it sound, or just a tad better. Well, what did we expect from a direct to DVD release like this :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Jaccsy, if it wasn't so cliched, it could have been quite decent horror flick. Yep, mediocrity is After Dark's trade mark :)

I'll post an entry about my guest appearence later on ;)

Unknown said...

Awww...I think After Dark films are rather fun to watch. ;) Penny Dreadful, Dark Ride and Wicked Little Things were a lot of fun. There's a certain panache these films have and I have a great time going to the After Dark Horror fest.

Husk did give me a few jumps, but only because cornfields creep me the hell out. I used to spend lots of time in small town central Illinois surrounded by them. :)

I'm excited to hear more about this guest appearance. :) Hope you are having a good Friday and have an awesome weekend.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Ah, Mel, I hated most of the After Dark films... they're so lame :) Probably the only one I enjoyed was The Abandoned (2006). Though not a fan, I wish I'd had a chance to go to the fest.

So you've seen it? It premiered on SyFy last week ;) It wasn't that bad, and it somewhat reminded me a lot of Dead Birds. Cornfields are quite creepy indeed. Well, at least on screen :)

Thanks, sweetheart. Have an amazing weekend, as well. I was a guest writer @ Jaccstev's Movie Cafe :)

✗✗ said...

Oh man, if there is creepy settings it might scare me. I say this only because my friend and I embarrassingly got lost in a rather complex corn maze one year and ended up getting super scared. We had to body rush through the crops to get out. Sad and stupid I know. "Husk" kind of sounds like a version of "Jeepers Creepers" for some reason, which I like. Can't wait to check out your guest appearance! ; )

As for the midnight snack-oh yeah super heavy! The funny thing is no one even ate it until the next day. However, I was left with the mess. grr

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

It so sweet that creepy settings scare you :)
Wow, corn maze sounds quite terrifying to me. If I get lost in one, I might shit my pants. LOL! :)

Oh, I loved "Jeepers Creepers" too /it's my guiltiest guilty pleasure of all time/, but this one is not half as good as Creepers.

Haha! So, you prepared your breakfast the night before? That's hilarious. Looking at you, I deeply doubt you eat such heavy food. ;)

Maynard Morrissey said...

damn, I had high hopes for this since I'm a fan of scarecrow flicks :-/

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maynard, I've seen worse. It was quite lame, but still pretty watchable. You may check it out for yourself. You might like it more than I did. :)