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Monday, January 17, 2011

[5.50/10] Outcast (2010)

Outcast (2010)

Brief review: Despite being potentially great, this Celtic-inspired horror is a quite odd experience, that unsuccessfully combines horror elements with some modern day social drama. It's way too grim and moody to be enjoyable, and too slow and uneven to keep constantly the viewer's attention. However, the film really succeeds in terms of originality, as the story is like almost nothing you've seen before. Though lacking a great budget and technical enthusiasm, "Outcast" still manages to impress with its cheap-looking, yet appropriate production values, and murky cinematography that suit the dark mood of the story quite well. Furthermore, the practical effects are absolutely superb, as the creature itself looks uniquely-nasty and downright terrifying. What the movie lacks in budget terms is compensated with the superb and intense performances from the actors involved. Kate Dickie is definitely the main star of the show! She delivers an incredibly disturbing performance as the creepy mother, Mary. Niall Bruton also does a good job as the confused teenager who hides a true beast within, and Hanna Stanbridge is great as his temperamental love interest, Petronella.

Overall summary: Too unique to be a 'bad' horror movie, yet far too bizarre to be a great one, "Outcast" could be considered as both, a triumph and a failure.

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