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Saturday, November 27, 2010

CineMarvellous! presents: Nebular's TOP 15 Best-Reviewed and BOTTOM 5 Worst-Reviewed Superhero Flicks of All Time

CineMarvellous! presents:

Nebular's TOP 15 Best-Reviewed

and BOTTOM 5 Worst-Reviewed

Superhero Flicks of All Time!

TOP 15 Best-Reviewed

1. The Incredibles (9.75/10)

(2004, Brad Bird)

"Action-packed, super-exciting and ultra-hilarious -
it's everything a Superhero movie should be!"


2. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (9.75/10)

(2008, Guillermo del Toro)

"Hands down, the most imaginative Superhero flick ever made!"


3. Batman Begins (9.50/10)

(2005, Christopher Nolan)

"Christopher Nolan took the "Batman" franchise to another level.
And it's absolutely amazing!"


4. Spider-Man 2 (9.50/10)

(2004, Sam Raimi)

"The perfect "Spider-Man" movie!"


5. Hellboy (9.50/10)

(2004, Guillermo del Toro)

"Undoubtedly, Hellboy is the coolest superhero ever!"


6. Iron Man (9.50/10)

(2008, Jon Favreau)

"Smart, funny and inventive!"


7. Watchmen (9.25/10)

(2009, Zack Snyder)

"A unique take on the Superhero genre!"


8. The Dark Knight (9.25/10)

(2008, Christopher Nolan)

"Exceptional, yet overly serious."


9. Batman Returns (9.25/10)

(1992, Tim Burton)

"Dark, gothic and absolutely incredible!"


10. Spider-Man (9.00/10)

(2002, Sam Raimi)

"Everything a Spider-man fan could want!"


11. Batman (9.00/10)

(1989, Tim Burton)

"A cult classic!"


12. X2: X-Men United (9.00/10)

(2003, Bryan Singer)

"Hugely engrossing and absolutely spectacular!"


13. Hulk (8.75/10)

(2003, Ang Lee)

"Brilliantly-crafted and completely underrated!"


14. Kick-Ass (8.75/10)

(2010, Matthew Vaughn)

"Quite possibly the most original Superhero movie ever made."


15. Blade II (8.75/10)

(2002, Guillermo del Toro)

"Vampires, martial arts and superhero powers...
How cool is that?!"

Honorable mentions:

Superman (1978, Richard Donner)
X-Men (2000, Bryan Singer)

The Incredible Hulk (2008, Louis Leterrier)

BOTTOM 5 Worst-Reviewed

1. Captain America (2.50/10)

(1990, Albert Pyun)

"The dullest and stupidest Superhero movie of all time!"


2. Batman & Robin (3.00/10)

(1997, Joel Schumacher)

"What the hell was Joel Schumacher thinking?!"


3. Catwoman (3.00/10)

(2004, Pitof)

"A career ruiner!"


4. The League of Extraordinary

(2003, Stephen Norrington)

"Boring as hell!"


5. Elektra (4.00/10)

(2005, Rob Bowman)

"Poor Jennifer!"

2011's Most anticipated Superhero flicks:


Jaccstev said...

I completely love both Hellboy films and I'm totally agree with your opinion on Hulk, the film was completely underrated.
I'm not surprise with the 5 worsts, if I have a list like this I'll put them in the worst category as well.

Nebular said...

I ADORE Hellboy as well! :) I thought the sequel was even better than the original. Furthermore, Hellboy himself is so cool and charismatic, it's unbelievable!

I suppose, no one will be surprised with the bottom 5 :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good list! Blade II would've been higher on mine, but I agree with most of your selections. DareDevil was good, but yes, Elektra sucked! I'd also crown Catwoman with the honors of "Bottom of the Barrel."

Nebular said...

Thanks, Alex. "Blade II" was definitely the best installment in the trilogy and it certainly deserves a spot on my top 15. It may be on last position, but hey, it's the last position of my ALL TIME favorites, which still means it's incredible :) Also, don't forget that this list was sorted by rating. A gave it a 8.75 out of 10, so it ended up on 15th spot. And yes, Elektra was horrendous. :)

Arion said...

Hello, I got here through Greg's blog. And I'm glad I stumbled upon this. By the way I agree with Hellboy 2, but I think you're too tough on the Dark Knight.

I'd love to count you as a follower of my blog, and of course I'll add myself as follower of your blog.


Nebular said...

Hi Arion and welcome to CineMarvellous! :) Glad you're a Hellboy fan as well.

Tough on The Dark Knight?! How could you say that? It's on my all time top 15. I thought it was brilliant, but the problem I had with it was that I found it to be ridiculously humorless. It just took itself way too seriously, which I hated.

By the way, I've already followed your blog ;)

Malice said...

I completely agree with you about The Dark Knight, however, I found the original Burton Batman to be just a bit too silly. Now, if only we had a happy medium...and a lot less screaming from Kim Basinger. ;)

J-SON said...

Therefore The Joker's famous phrase "Why so serious?!". Aha.

Great list George! ;)

Nicole✗✗ said...

OOooo Iron Man and Kick Ass = AMAZING! Your so right. Your also right about your worst 05,especially with Electra-yikes!

Nebular said...

Malice, the original Batman film may seems silly and dated for today's standards, but it was great for its time, plus Burton's visual style suits the film perfectly. Yep, Kim Basinger was hysterical :)

Nebular said...

J-son, The Joker was the main star of the show, but even he reckoned the film was way too serious :) Haha! Thanks, mate. Glad you liked it.

Nebular said...

Nicole, yep, both films are amazing. As for my bottom 5, I think Elektra was the least terrible of all. Have you seen Batman & Robin or Captain America? Utterly atrocious!

Sadako said...

Yay for Batman Returns! :) A lot of ppl hate it but I LOVE it!

Nebular said...

Sadako, yay! :) I loved it as well and, for me, it remains the second best Batman film, standing right behind "Batman Begins" :)