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Friday, November 19, 2010

[6.75/10] Going the Distance (2010)

Going the Distance (2010)

"Going the Distance" unfolds around Erin and Garrett, young couple very much in love. When Erin moves to San Francisco to finish her journalism degree and Garrett stays behind in New York to work in the music industry, they gamely keep their romance alive with webcams and frequent-flyer miles. However, just when it seems the lovers will be soon be reunited, Erin and Garrett both score big breaks that could break them up for good. Sure, "Going the Distance" doesn't have the most original plot in the world, but it's hysterically funny, gripping and thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy, thanks to its superbly-written script, incredible cast and likable characters. Fortunately, there's nothing rushed or exaggerated about this film - everything feels believable and natural, and it all falls into place with little or no effort at all. Acting from the two leads is definitely one of the film's highlights. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are not only adorable, delightful and undeniably talented comedians, but they make a truly great on-screen couple, as they share great chemistry and their romance feels very sincere and real. As the couple's relationship unfolds, their friends and families become involved, and the result is simply hilarious. "Going the Distance" contains a lot of laugh-out-loud scenes that cause great laughter and some genuinely funny situations sure to put a smile on your face. The 'sex on dining table' sequence as well as the final scene deserve a special mention. The supporting cast also deliver. Erin's neurotic sister, Corinne, is played fantastically over-the-top by Christina Applegate. Every time she appears on screen, she steals the show with her charm, witty temper and hilarious sense of humor. Despite her minor role, Applegate is so good and so fun to watch, she almost outshines the two leads. Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day as Garrett's best friends are as quirky as they're funny. Furthermore, "Going the Distance" is well-structured, nicely-shot and set in different locations, which makes it an even more pleasant experience and an absolute delight to watch. With its clever, witty script, and wonderful performances from Christina Applegate and the two leads, "Going the Distance" is, hands down, the most entertaining and amusingly hilarious rom-com released recently, and one of year's most pleasant surprises.


✗✗ said...

Awesome! I just missed this one in theaters. Can't wait to see it on DVD.


George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I think you're going to live this. It was laugh-out-loud funny and terrificly-performed.

Nice blog you got there, Nicole! :) I just followed you :)