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Thursday, November 4, 2010

[5.00/10] Lottery Ticket (2010)

Lottery Ticket (2010)

"Lottery Ticket", the latest 'hit-and-miss' comedy starring Bow Wow revolves around Kevin Carson, a young man living in the projects, wins $370 million in a nationwide lottery. When his opportunistic neighbors discover he has the winning ticket in his possession, Kevin must survive their greedy and sometimes even threatening actions over a three-day holiday weekend before he can claim his prize. Despite its tired premise and thoroughly predictable plot, "Lottery Ticket" is a an enjoyable, funny and easy to watch, mainly due to Bow Wow's charismatic performance, likable secondary characters, lowbrow humor, lots of silly, yet hilarious situations. and entertaining chase sequences This type of story has been done a million times before (and better), but a charming all black cast helps to save this film from being terrible. Bow Wow is undoubtedly an adorable charmer, and he absolutely owns the screen as the fortunate lottery winner, Kevin Carson. He does act fairly well, and truly captivates the audience with his charismatic presence. Brandon T. Jackson as Kevin's best friend, Benny, also does a good job, as he gives an energetic and temperamental performance. Naturi Naughton as Stacie is probably the most likable character - she's smart and sober-thinking, yet sweet, natural and very sincere. Loretta Devine is fantastically over-the-top as Grandma, although here character is a bit too stereotypical. Ice Cube as Mr. Washington steals the show every time he appears - he's not only wise and calm, but he also kicks ass. Too cliched and predictable to be good, yet too cute and watchable to be bad, "Lottery Ticket" falls somewhere in between.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Sounds like a fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. Kind of like the "Friday" films.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maurice, "Lottery Ticket" is simple silly fun :)

I've only seen the first of the "Friday" films and I pretty much hated it.