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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[5.50/10] The Tortured (2010)

The Tortured (2010)

"The Tortured" revolves around Elise and Craig, young couple who's son is abducted and murdered by a sexual deviant by the name of John Kozlowski. The grieving parents are enraged when he is granted a lesser sentence in return for information on where his remaining victims are buried. Struggling to come to terms with the injustice, the couple decide that the best way to alleviate their pain is to inflict as much as possible upon the monster responsible. "The Tortured" is by no means a bad movie - it delivers exactly what it promises, but its main problem is that it lacks originality and the 'revenge' theme is just not believable enough. Otherwise, the film has a fairly good script, a couple of decent performances and pretty unexpected and completely satisfying twist ending, that doesn't disappoint. Except for the final part, the plot is pretty standard and quite straightforward, and the story unfolds without many surprises along the way. It actually reminded me a lot of another Canadian 'revenge' flick "7 Days", which plot was pretty similar. Jesse Metcalfe and Erika Christensen as the two protagonists and sorrowing parents give credible performances, although they both look so nice and deary, it's somehow hard to believe that they're capable of doing such terrible things as kidnapping and cruel torturing. Bill Moseley is also passable, though he barely speaks in this film, and his performance consists mostly moaning and screaming. The torture scenes themselves, while not too gory or over-the-top, are quite uncomfortable to watch, as they're surprisingly sadistic and brutal. Overall, "The Tortured" is neither great nor bad - it's watchable and entertaining enough, though not especially ingenious, apart from the ending.

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