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Sunday, August 15, 2010

[10/10] 300 (2007)

300 (2007)

(Originally posted on 03.30.2007 @ My RT Journal)

"300" is obviously inspired by a comic book, and should be taken as such. While there are many historical inaccuracies, this movie is clear that it's not attempting to retell history, rather just a great, great story. The story here, though predictable, is told very well. It brings you into the battle and into each choice the soldiers make. It makes you feel that raw gritty emotion of pride and glory that booms from the speakers around you. What makes "300" standout is that each scene brings a very unique look, from the rustling of the wheat grains while the sun pierces the cloud-covered sky, to Snyder's amazing ability to use human skin as a palate of contrast to the colors around it. Snyder never uses the same camera angle twice, and the combination of color and shading makes for an absolute beautiful vision. At times, it was hard to tell if the movie was an actual movie or just a moving painting. It would be impossible to make it look closer to Frank Miller's graphic novel then how Snyder showed it. The battle scenes are nothing short of spectacular! When the Spartans are in formation they really seem like they're a single, vicious machine chewing up Persians by about a dozen at a time. The fight choreography is extremely convincing, they look like they've been trained for this their whole lives. When they break formation and start fighting individual Persians, slow motion is briskly employed with each new opponent. A shot will start in normal speed with Leonidas or another Spartan run towards a Persian soldier, then suddenly the speed slows just as he lands a killing blow, giving the audience a lovingly focused look at the bloody blade cutting through them. As visually stunning as this movie was, you cannot have a movie of this kind be as cool without the great soundtrack by Tyler Bates. Besides the music, the visuals, and overall intensity of the film, the acting was also phenomenal. Gerard Butler should be moving up slowing and slowing to an A-list actor after this film because his performance as King Leonidas was exceptional. Lena Headey is stunning as Queen Gorgo, Leonidas' wife, who tries to rally the council of Sparta to her husband's cause. Rodrigo Santoro gave an amazing performance as the villain, Xerxes. Dominic West gave a performance as the Spartan traitor, Theron. Both West and Santoro were the antagonists that you will love to hate. David Wenham was great as not only a narrator but also a member of the Spartan army, Dilios. Simply said, Zach Snyder's "300" is a modern masterpiece! It's a mind-blowing film that offers breathtaking stylish visuals, thrilling battles, top-notch direction and great acting!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What man can so no to the 300?

Mentioned your recent achievements today!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

"300" is one of the manliest movies ever - a steroid-fueled, testosterone-driven visual feast, that fills me with exciety, everytime I think about it! :)

Huge thanks for the mention of my blog, Alex!!! It made me emotional :)

Jaccstev said...

It’s definitely an awesome movie but on the negative side, I thought the film went on a bit too long and started to run out of steam towards the end.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I didn't find any negative side in "300" :)