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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CineMarvellous! presents: Nebular's TOP 30 Favorite Horror Movies of the Past Decade [20 - 11]


CineMarvellous! presents:
Nebular's TOP 30 Favorite
Horror Movies

of the Past Decade

(2000 - 2009)

[Part 2: 20 - 11]


(TIE) 11. Drag Me to Hell (2009) (8.50/10)

"Great fun scare-fest! Raimi's triumphant return to horror!"

(TIE) 11. Ginger Snaps (2001) (8.50/10)
"One of the best, most moving and inspired horror films of the early 21st century!"

12. May (2003) (8.50/10)
"Bizarre, grotesque, and oddly endearing! A-MAY-zing!"

13. Dead End (2003) (8.25/10)
" A refreshingly intelligent and original. Probably the smartest horror movie of all time!"

14. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) (8.25/10)
"Unique and genuine Korean fright-poem!"

15. The House of the Devil (2009) (8.25/10)
"A surprising, intelligent, and scary homage to the 80's!"

16. Paranormal Activity (2009) (8.25/10)
"One of the most psychologically disturbing films ever!"

17. Jeepers Creepers (2001) (8.00/10)
"Fun, unique and truly frightening!"

18. The Mist (2007) (8.00/10)

"A monster movie with soul, that gets under you skin and stays there!"

19. Fragile (2005) (8.00/10)
"Creepy, highly atmospheric and truly frightening!"

20. Dog Soldiers (2002) (8.00/10)
"One of the best werewolf movies ever made!"


DEZMOND said...

I'm still haunted by the main music theme from THE MIST, performed by Dead Can Dance, a song called THE HOST OF SERAPHIM. I think I can hear Bulgarian or Serbian Folk voices in that song. You know how Hollywood likes our ancient folk-music so we had many chances of hearing it in 300, TROY ....

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I haven't read the novella and had no idea that the ending is so sad and dramatic. I thought it was film's strongest point.
I remember "Mist"'s music theme, but I didn't know it's called "Host of Seraphim". I agree.. it was haunting!
Yeah, I'm very proud of the fact that out folk-music can be heard in such big movies, like those you mentioned above. :)

DEZMOND said...

By the way my favourite piece with Bulgarian voices is the soundtrack for British mini series THE VIRGIN QUEEN (with Tom Hardy and Ann Marry Duff) in which Desislava Stefanova and Evgenia Georgieva sing some really stunning songs (I've cried a few times listening to the main song called GOD BREATHED).

The main theme in TROY was sung by a Macedonian singer Tanja Carevska, and you already know how they stole Bulgarian/Serbian/Macedonian folk song ZAIDI ZAIDI and made it into A MESSAGE FOR THE QUEEN in 300.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Wow, you know more about Bulgarian folk music than I do. :)

Despite I have a few friends in Macedonia, I don't like them as a whole. I find them rude, cheeky and vulgar.

Do you know that I've been in Serbia 3 times? :) Belgrade, Belgrade and Belgrade :) I've always wanted to visit Novi Sad. Oh, and I've been in Nis once, but just for about an hour.

DEZMOND said...

Eh, every nation has its virtues and flaws, that's why I never judge a person through one's nationality but through one's own personality.
I for example think that most Serbians are rude, cheeky and vulgar :) but nevertheless there are still so many good people here, just like there are good people in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo .... I just wish these regions of ours weren't constantly like a barrel of gunpowder because we have so many qualities and talents which we could develop even more if we wouldn't fight constantly.

What were you doing in Beograd? I visit Beograd a few times a year, since my publishing agent and my publishing house are there, but I never seem to get used to that city. But I still think I should move there. I've lived in Novi Sad for 6 years, it's a lovely city, although not as lovely as Subotica :)
By the way Nis vs Novi Sad, and Serbia vs Vojvodina, are like heaven and hell, black and white, two totally different cultures, worlds ...
How are things in Plovdiv and Pazardzik?

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

First time I was in Beograd, was about two years ago. I worked in another company at these time - a company that also deals with furniture. So, the reason I was in Beograd was SAJAM - biggest furniture fair in Serbia. :) I loved Belgrade and I thought it looked million times better then Sofia. Sofia's such a repellent city! I hate it.
The second time I was in Belgrade, was when I traveled to Italy ;) Third time, the reason was another furniture fair. I've never been to Vojvodina, but I'm familiar with this 'inner war' between Novi Sad and Nis. ;)
I googled Subotica right after I met you here, and I was very surprised at what I saw - very beautiful city...and very Hungarian-like. Hopefully you don't mind I'm saying that. I think it's a compliment :) Novi Sad also looks lovely and sooner or later I'll see it live ;) Pazardjik is fine, especially now with the new AMAZING mayor, but it's a bit boring. Plovdiv's bigger city than PZ, so it has its advantages, but it's nothing special overall.
You know what, Dez... your English is so flawless, sometimes I feel like a moron! :D I admire your writing skills!:)

DEZMOND said...

Oh, as you know, I'm quite obsessed with furniture (I visit furniture stores like other "normal" people visit supermarkets :)), and I love visiting all those fairs or "sajams" :) I would kind of like to have my own home-design show or a company in which I would redecorate people's houses :)

Well, the only good thing about Beograd is that it is very active and lively (due to being very big), but I'm sure Sofia is beautiful as well, although I've never seen it.

Subotica really is a Hungarian city, back in 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, it was one of the five biggest cities at the Balkans, and one of the biggest cities in Austro-Hungarian empire. The downfall of Subotica basically started when it became a Serbian town after 1st World War, and especially during communism. But we still have all the lovely Hungarian palaces and architecture. You could visit one day, and we could also visit Novi Sad together :) (if you bring me some new furniture with you as a gift :PP)

Neb, thanks, but you do agree that it would be weird if my English wasn't good, since I have a masters degree in English lg and literature, and plus I spend half of my every working day with English and American books :)

Your English is more than amazing, having in mind you've never studied it at college. I especially love the language in your posts and reviews, you use a lot of expressions from everyday language.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Yep, I'm familiar with your furniture 'fetish' and I kinda like it! ;) You want to have your own home design TV show? In this case, you have to check out "Design Star" for inspiration. The show starts with 10(11) contestants - interior designers from all over the country and each week they participate in a challenge with specified amount of time to complete it and with particular budget. After finish their project, the result is judged by three judges. The price for the winner is own home-design TV show on HGTV! ;)

It's very well-made and truly entertaining show, made mainly for furniture-obsessed people like us. :) I'm pretty sure, you are going to love it!



Dez, I'd love to visit Subotica and Novi Sad one day, so thanks for the indirect invitation :)

You know I'm mostly self-educated and I'm proud with that, but my English is poor compared to yours. I have to be inspired form particular movie (or at least excited), to be able to write a good review, otherwise my review ends up as crap!:) Also, my grammar is far from perfect. My best friend, who also has Master's degree in English language and literature often helps me with my reviews... and I'm not hiding it. :) I'm grateful about it and it helps me getting better and better at English! :)

DEZMOND said...

I wouldn't like taking part in DESIGN STAR, because I believe art shouldn't be a competitive thing, and plus I hate the pressure of having limited time for projects. But I'll check it out since I love watching home design shows on TV, especially THE DIVINE DESIGN WITH CANDICE OLSON, but I'm not sure you heard of that one.

Thanks for putting my banner in your sidebar, it goes nice with your backgrounds since it's green ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

You wouldn't?! I thought you are going to jump out of your chair and scream in excitement. :) Jokin'!:) I don't like being pushed or limited either, so I completely understand you.
Never heard of THE DIVINE DESIGN WITH CANDICE OLSON. Is it an American show?

Oh, your banner suits CINEMARVELLOUS so well :) It somehow completes my blog ;)

DEZMOND said...

ok,ok, just don't hang my framed picture on your wall and don't build me a golden shrine (silver is more my metal :))

I can't say I don't like watching most reality shows (I prefer music ones) since we have FARMS, BIG BROTHERS, SURVIVORS, FAME ACADEMY, IDOLS .... but I watch them mostly as a psychologist. They just give you a unique opportunity to study human psyche in unusual conditions. But I generally consider most reality shows degrading and humiliating for a human being, and they usually have no ethics.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I was just going to hang your framed photo, with glitter all over it :P Thank you for letting me now that you prefer it in silver ;)

As for the TV show, I also prefer music ones, with British X-FACTOR being my favorite [Fuge Cheryl Col fan!]. I also watch American Idol (since 2006) and some fashion shows: Make Me a SuperModel, Tyra's AMNTM and Project Runway, to name a few. Don't laugh at me :) I found them funny.
The new BIG BROTHER season is currently on TV in Bulgaria and it has its own "unique" name: BIG BROTHER FAMILY. Believe me, the people inside the house are a bunch of brainless fucking morons! I'm ashamed instead of them while I'm watching the show. It's that bad and that stupid!

DEZMOND said...

I've never would've guessed you were a Cheryl Cole fan!!! She's an extremely bad singer alive, but I do love some of her songs, and I'm kinda addicted to PARACHUTE (both song and the video).

When it comes to IDOL, I love Jordin Sparks. Her BATTLEFIELD was one of my favourite songs last year. Amazing song and amazing video as well. But I'm generally in love with Ryan Tedder (the singer from One Republic) who wrote that song together with many other of my beloved songs like HALO, APOLOGIZE, PLEASE DON'T STOP THE RAIN, BLEEDING LOVE, ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, SECRETS .....

Ah, when it comes to BIG BROTHER it's not just the problem in Bulgaria. That show always puts idiots in the house, because people like watching monkeys behind bars :) Here in Serbia BB is most popular in its VIP edition with celebrities.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Oh, I'm not saying Cheryl is a good singer, because she's not, which is actually kinda strange, since she won "Popstars" 8 years ago! I'm sure the judges had been captivated far more by her charm and beauty than by her vocal abilities. Her voice is low and monotonous, but her songs are very melodic and contemporary sounding. Love "Parachute" too! :) British music-makers know perfectly how to make commercial pop songs ;)
I love Cheryl Cole's look - she's cute, charismatic, natural and extremely beautiful. Also, she is hands down the most photogenic woman on earth!

The season when Jordin won American Idol is actually my favorite season so far, although I thought there were TWO better singers in the competition than Jordin - Melinda Doolitle and LaKisha Jones! If you think JS's voice is powerful, wait to hear those two! My favorite ever American Idol contestant is Jennifer Hudson! This girl's voice is out-of-this-world, not to mention she's also a terrific actress ;)

DEZMOND said...

yes, but it doesn't take just a good voice to be a music star, and I've never heard of any other American Idol having an international career beside Jordin. Hudson is now more known for her roles, than for her music, and her last album went pretty much unnoticed, although I liked one of the songs (can't remember the tittle, it was a mellow r'n'b).
TATTOO, NO AIR, BATTLEFIELD, ONE STEP AT A TIME, are my favourite when it comes to Jordin.

But, as you can see, dear Neb, talent is not really appreciated in USA, just like it isn't her in our countries. The biggest stars on both sides of the ocean, in music and in film, are usually mediocre people, and often people with no talent whatsoever, while truly gifted people do not get any attention. I really hate that.

From the age of talented singers such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Tina Turner .... we came down to semi-stupid and totally shallow freaks like Rihanna, Britney, Aguilera, Keesha....

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Well, it seems we have different opinions about who's the best and most successful American Idol so far. As much ad I respect your opinion and enthusiasm about Jordin Sparks, I just don't think she's an amazing artist. Yes, she sings well and she's versatile, but nothing more than that. I thought she won over Melinda Doolitle, only because she's young, fresh and very cute, which is always an advantage. It's understandable why Americans liked her better - they saw this great potential and raw natural talent. Melinda doesn't look and behave like a star and she misses this sparkle, but her vocals and the way she sings... OMG... phenomenal!! Jordin didn't become big star, even in the US and I don't think her album was much more successful than Husdon's. "No Air" was massive hit, no doubt about it, but it became one, mainly because of Chris Brown, who was at his peak of popularity at these time! "Battlefield" sounded hysterical, even desperate to me, and I even laughed when music critics compared it with Beyonce's "Halo". SORRY, it just isn't as strong... neither the vocals, nor the performance!

I completely agree that biggest world stars are mostly incompetent and ungifted people, who became popular, for other reasons, but definitely not for their talent, which is often equal to ZERO. I hate Ke$ha! She's perfect example of young artist, who makes tasteless flat music, behave like brainless bitch and looks like she sleeps with her make-up on and never washes her face!! Could a girl like her be a role model for the younger audience?! It's a sick world we live in! :)
That's why I admire music reality shows... Those talented singers and natural performers are the real deal, not the one thrown-in-our-face, stars, like Rihanna, Britney, Nelly Furtado, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, etc.

DEZMOND said...

remind me to slap your naughty ass for this blasphemy about BATTLEFIELD, next time I see you in person :))

You've described Kesha perfectly in those two words - brainless b.... :)

Maynard Morrissey said...

I love Jeepers Creepers, PA1, Tale of 2 Sisters, May & Ginger Snaps.

Dead End was pretty cool - unfortunately, I've seen the similar Reeker just a few days before Dead End, which made me guess the ending after the first 15-20 minutes...

THOTD bored me to death.

The Mist was a bit too long, too tedious - but the ending is IMO the greatest and most shocking ending in history.

Fragile and Dog Soldiers are pretty solid.

Maynard Morrissey said...

aaargghh, for got about Drag - I adore this movie!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Harry, I didn't know you're a fan of JC. Most people hated it. I LOVED it.

Ah, how could you! :) You should have seen Dead End before the mediocre Reeker. The ending blew me away.

I know you hated THOTD, but I worked for me... It worked perfectly if I have to be honest. :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Me too! Raimi can do no wrong. DTH was soooooo much fun!