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Sunday, March 7, 2010

[8.00/10] Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire (2009)

Precious: Based on the Novel
PUSH by Sapphire (2009)

"Precious" is a powerful, audacious film. Although it has an affecting script and appears to have only one perspective, it is deep and insightful. It is an important film, a film that dares to as real as it can get. "Precious"'s a depressing tale of a overweight 17-year old who's been destroyed by her own parents, she's a mother of two kids and is humiliated within. "Precious" is so so real, that you might feel irritated at the goings-on, it's a like happening near you... and the tragedy is that you can't help the innocent & troubled child. Director Lee Daniels' style of direction might have been rather conventional, but what is really commendable is that he manages to hypnotize his cast thereby making them deliver outstanding performances. First timer Gabourey Sidibe might not have had to do much, taking into account her appearance which so perfectly suits her role, but she doesn't slack. A truly remarkable breakthrough performance is what she does give! Mo'Nique's performance as the vicious, abusive mother is outstanding. Near the end of the film she manages to clearly convey the conflicted feelings and thoughts of a selfish, emotionally puerile woman unable to distinguish right from wrong. The viewer doesn't overlook the crimes of the mother but comes to understand this pitiful failure of a human being. Being able to generate pity from the audience for this monstrous woman is no mean feat. Nothing quite prepares you for the rough-cut diamond that is "Precious." A rare blend of pure entertainment and dark social commentary, this shockingly raw, surprisingly irreverent and absolutely unforgettable story of an obese, illiterate, pregnant black Harlem teen circa 1987 is one that you hope will not be dismissed as too difficult, because it should not be missed.

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