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Monday, March 22, 2010

[5.00/10] Left Bank a.k.a. Linkeroever (2008)

Left Bank


...( read more)Screenwriters Pieter Van Hess and Dimitri Karakatsanis try to jolt the Belgian horror industry alive with "Left Bank", a film which finds itself completely successful in creating three dimensional characters and a realistic world but completely fails at it's core objective: scary the bejesus out of the audience. Van Hess is unable to create any sense of tension or terror for the entirety of Left Bank. Two scenes at the beginning do successfully establish the mood and are appropriately creepy, but no one follows up on them for far too long. The terror aspect fails to come into play; it's as if the script doesn't know how to blend the exposition and the horror. Visually, "Linkeroever" is absolutely great though! The anamorphic transfer smartly retains the intended grainy look of the film, automatically creating a dank and horror-ish vibe. On top of that, the usual dingy, off-color feel of foreign films is at full effect, further helping Left Bank take its place within the genre. With its pacing problems, lack of intensity, scares and excitement, "Left Bank" ended up as mediocre horror flick with great potential, but uninspired execution.

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