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Sunday, March 7, 2010

[2.75/10] Laid To Rest (2009)

Laid To Rest (2009)

"Laid to Rest" is just another dull slasher 'shocker'. The film pretty much lays out its stall during the opening credits, as we've got a bunch of flashily edited images showcasing various shots of blood, gore, torture and screaming. The nominal plot has a young woman waking up in a coffin unaware of who she is or how she got there. Almost immediately she finds herself stalked by a guy wearing a silver skull mask and two huge knives. There is no set up the film just goes from there as random people die around her and she hooks up with people who later die. The deaths are horrible and bloody. Technically the film is a gore lovers delight, but that's it. The script is ridiculous, lazily-written and devoid of any decent dialogue. It's not even bad in a funny way, unfortunately. Lead actress Bobbi Sue Luther is rather awful too, and clearly only got the part because she's the director's wife. "Laid to Rest" is very clichéd throughout and doesn't feature any surprises. It's boring, amateurish and awfully-made. It should be laid to rest, indeed!

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