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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CineMarvellous Preview: Pang brothers' "The Storm Warriors" - Official poster, plot & info

The Storm Warriors

(2009 - Asia Release / 2010 - Wide Release)

11 years ago, Hong Kong filmmakers made fantasy martial-art film The Storm Riders. With visuals from comic artist Ma Wing-Shing and the best CG techniques Hong Kong could offer at that time, The Storm Riders was an instead hit.

Now the Hong Kongers are back with The Storm Warriors, hoping for another box-office success. Still based on the universe created by Ma Wing-Shing, with the Pang brothers (Oxide and Danny) replacing Lau Wai-keung, director of the original, The Storm Warriors in Hong Kong the coming Christmas season. Two leads Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng reprise their role, with new actors in the cast, Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam, Charlene Choi, Lam Suet, Wong Tak-bun, Tang Yan, Patrick Tam, Kenny Ho, Anson Leung and Bryron Pang.

The movie is shot entirely against real set and blue screens inside a soundstage in Thailand, the birthplace of Pang brothers. That is probably inspired by the making of 300.

The story follows Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaron Kwok) trying to stop a new villain Lord Godless (Simon Yam) from the east, who waged a war against the central land.

Source: MonkeyPeaches


DEZMOND said...

I was also very intrigued by this movie, and I even covered a story about it in one of my old posts (http://hollywood-spy.blogspot.com/2009/06/amazing-storm-warriors.html)

The film promises visual miracles and joy for our eyes :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I haven't read your post, but these animated characters look great! :) I have to admit I wasn't particularly very impressed with "Storm Riders", but I'm sure Pang brothers will do much better with the sequel ;) They are undoubtly great visionary directors! Can't wait for it!