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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[6.75/10] 2012 (2009)

2012 (2009)

Emmerich was never acclaimed for substance or depth in his films but always for the special effects and the destruction of several cities at a time. Such is the case with "2012", which brings the myth of the Mayans to reality with a combination of cataclysmic stellar activity to obliterate our world on a foreseen judgement day. Yes, the result is nothing short of spectacular: The Earth shattering and ground breaking sequences in California are breathtaking and so are those with the explosions of a violent Earth in Yellow Stone National Park. Vegas gets lost in the dark with Earth falling below. Tibet's part is most impressive of all. As seen in the previews, gigantic waves have some stunning effect when they attempt to overcome the roof of the world while mankind's only hope of continuity rests in these lands. It may not be a very convincing end. In fact, the movie's premise itself may not be convincing at all but that is clearly not Ronald Emmerich's forte. He is concerned with mass devastation and we are supposed to enjoy that ride. Not the excessive drama associated with John Cusack's struggle with his ex-wife, children, ex-wife's boyfriend and his pathetic life. If that wasn't enough, we have Morgan Freeman and Thandie Newton in a Presidential melodrama that drags longer than Sarah Palin's election campaign. Yes, a human aspect is required in a catastrophe movie but the excess length of the movie caused by the drama could well be the downfall of "2012". Also, the conclusion is silly, there are some very fatuous, ridiculous moments, but the overall package is satisfying, if not completely successful. The screenplay is unapologetically cheesy and some of the lines these respected actors have to say are simply terrible, but in a hilarious sort of way - and the direction is as over-the-top as it could be, but the amazing special effects and the whole grandeur the filmmakers convey more than compensates for it. Pure popcorn entertainment!

  • My Rating: 6.75/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 37% (5.0/10)
  • IMDb: 6.4/10

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