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Monday, October 26, 2009

[10/10] [Rec] (2007)

[Rec] (2007)

It's very difficult, after 40 years of terror movies, to make something new or special anymore. Balagueró manages to master the false documentary style to create a really scary atmosphere and the movie beats all resistance to destroy the suspension of disbelieve. The jumps in your seat are guaranteed, and the adrenaline flow is sure! The premise is somewhat original; a TV reporter decides to accompany a local firehouse on a call to an apartment complex in Spain after a pretty unassuming call for help from residents after hearing screams from an elderly woman's apartment. The movie is from the point of view of the television camera throughout. Upon arriving, the residents are obviously shaken up and quickly we start to gather that there is something definitely wrong the situation after the elderly resident who was heard screaming attacks a police officer with a bite on the neck. All hell breaks loose as people start to get injured and for some reason the authorities on the outside will not let remaining residents leave or allow the injured officers and fireman to get help. As the movie progress, more casualties occur, the plot thickens, and we start to understand what is going on and the horrific scope of the events. This is the kind of movie that is all about the experience, the feeling, the atmosphere. This is the kind of movie you wish you hadn't seen because then you'd be able to experience it again for the first time. The atmosphere in Rec is simply amazing! If you think the documentary-style is a bit old by now, think again: "[Rec]" manages to immerse you into the movie - you might not realize that until the credits have rolled. The acting is superb throughout, the setting is believable and direction and camera-work are top-notch. "[Rec]" is one of the most terrifying and thrilling horror films to come out of recent years, that displays some clever inventiveness along with the traditional 'boo' scares expected of the horror genre. It's this brilliant style and memorable shocks that lend "[Rec]" as one of the most clever and inventive horror films of recent memory!


Danny King said...

This is one I have been wanting to see for such a long time. Hopefully I will get to it soon as I have heard nothing but great things from people who have seen it.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Oh, you definitely have to see [Rec]! I'm a huge horror fan since young age and I've seen many, many horror flicks, but this Spanish little horror jam scared the hell out of me! It was realistic, intense, terrifying, original and very, very well-made! I will never forget the last 10 minutes of this movie - horrifying!!!
Thanks for the comment!

The Cheshire Cat said...

I agree this is a great movie. Zombie movies are a staple of the horror genre. I love scary movies in general so I made this blog.


It's my review of REC, i would really appreciate some feedback on it.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

HMM, REC is the best horror movie ever..at least in my book. Will check it out, thanks.