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Monday, August 24, 2009

[10/10] The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (2001-2003)

The Lord of the Rings:
The Motion Picture Trilogy (2001-2003)

  • Nebular's TOP 12 Movies of All Time: #6

The Lord of the Rings:
The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

  • My Rating: 10/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 92% (8.1/10)
  • IMDb: 8.7/10

The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (2002)

  • My Rating: 10/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 96% (8.4/10)
  • IMDb: 8.6/10

The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King (2003)

"Return of the King" was one of the best films that I have seen in a long while, and it has helped to fill a void and get audiences more interested in fantasy films. Like the previous two films in the trilogy, the photography and use of scenery is amazing. The cast of characters and the battle scenes were also done extremely well and set to an equally-beautiful soundtrack. This is one of the best films in film history and the best of LOTR trilogy. It has a good mix of action, adventure, and character development. It's also the most emotional of the films. The cast comes through once more. The musical score retains its beauty, elegance and power. The special effects, notably Gollum again, are nothing less than breathtaking, and simply move the story along. The battles are monumentally huge and exciting. There are some liberties taken with the story, especially during the end with the homecoming, and yet, everything that needed to be covered regarding the main characters was handled. After the greatest moment of the series resolves itself, the story provided a breather. And gives a good-bye to friends seen on screen for the last three years. All in all, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" is one the most fine-tuned, cinematically perfect films ever made, it's absolutely flawless in every aspect. The Lord of the Rings trilogy as a whole is a spectacular achievement in film making history, and all three movies are together, without a doubt, the greatest epic ever made.

  • My Rating: 10/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 94% (8.6/10)
  • IMDb: 8.8/10


DEZMOND said...

I'd give tens to all the sequels except the third one, since I almost fell asleep during the half hour long ending with Hobbits :))

My favourite actors in the whole trilogy are Cate Blanchett and Karl Urban ;)

nebular said...

Well, I thought The Return of the King was the strongest of the three. Two Towers had the most mistakes, but it still was almost perfect! :)

Viggo Mortensen and Cate Blanchett were my favorite and Orlando Bloom was my least favorite actor. He's so wooden I barely can stand him! :)

Thanks for the comment!

DEZMOND said...

Be welcome Neb-boy :), hope to see you over in my HOLLYWOOD SPY. The doors are open.

I'm personally not a fan of Orlando as an actor, but I must confess that Legolas as character was in my top five. Probably because I've always considered myself more of an elven creature, and I never was a fan of demons, vampires, orks, and other monsters :)) The way those Elves in LOTR walk, talk, look like, dress, the place they live in - it's all soooo breathtaking.
I wish more children and young people would take them as role models and put them in the focus of their interest, instead of vampires, criminals and werewolves :)

nebular said...

Thanks, Dezmond, buddy! :) I think your HOLLYWOOD SPY blog is pretty amazing and very, very entertaining to read - Fresh news, movie previews... everything a real movie lover wants! :)
You're so right about the elves! They are beautiful, kind, sophisticated and truly magical creatures. I adore them!

DEZMOND said...

why, thank you very much for these elven compliments :))
I've put your blog over in the list of my favourite ones ;)so my readers will be able to see your latest updates as well ;)

nebular said...

Thank you so much, Dezmond! :) I'm so glad you like my blog. I quickly became a fan of yours too! ;) You are from Serbia, right? Well, it seems we are 'neighbours', because I'm from Bulgaria! Surprised?

DEZMOND said...

Be welcome :)
No, I'm not surprised, but most people who read our blogs are, because they usually do not expect that someone in a country they've never even heard of, speaks and writes about their movies and culture :))

My, mom and her family are from Bulgaria ;) I live in Vojvodina.

nebular said...

Your mom is from BG?! Well, that's interesting! :) So you're half Bulgarian! Great! ;)
You live in Subotica if I'm not wrong... I know this city - it is very near to the Hungarian border.. and it looks like a Hungarian city, because I it probably has some influence from there...
I live in Plovdiv - it is the second largest city in BG, but originally I'm from Pazardjik - it is as big as Subotica - its population is about 100 000! Have you heard of it? :)
I know that most people here would be surprised. I have a journal on "Rotten Tomatoes" since April 2004 and I have many 'movie friends' from the United States.. and none of them know that I'm from Europe.. Eastern Europe in particular. Most of them thought that I'm an american, which was kinda funny! :)

DEZMOND said...

Yep, I guess I am, but I must admit I'm not in touch with her heritage. But our languages are similar, music as well.

Subotica has around 170,000 citizens (mostly Croats and Hungarians), and it has a middle-European look and architecture. It's very old and totally different from other cities, but that's because Vojvodina is generally different from Serbia.
I haven't heard of Pazardzik (just saw on the map that it's close to Plovdiv) but I do know about Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna ... I think my mother's family is from Trnovo :)
I also like your new prime minister :) He seems like a very capable man.
I know that many of our music stars are popular in your country :)Unfortunately, the only Bulgarian star known in Serbia is Azis :)))) Not because of his music, off course :)
What do you do in your life? Working? Studying?

nebular said...

Hi, buddy!
Really? I thgought Subotica has about 100 000 citizens! Sorry! One thing is for sure - the city looks great! Pazardjik is a lovely city - not too big, not too small - about 90000 citizens. I'm work in Plovdiv and I'm living with my uncle and aunt. I really like being here - it feels like home and it is very, very near to my hometown - about 35 km. Varna is a grat city and so is Turnovo! As for out prime minister - he's smart, funny, good-looking and respectful. Almost everybody love him! :)
Yes, Serbian music is very, very popular here in BG and I must confess it is far better than out pop-folk shits, which I totally hate! Azis is looks like a monster - absolutely laughable! He has changed his image though and now he looks like a man! :)
So, my real name is George! I'm 27 and I work as a import-export manager in a company that deals with upholstered furniture and furniture accessories - boring job! I almost hate and I would like to work something more interesting, nut the situation is so hard at this moment an I'm forced to stay in the company. What about you? Is the picture in your profile real?

DEZMOND said...

Yep, your Boris (Borisov) is just like our Boris (Tadic) :) they share all the characteristics you've mentioned above :)

Oh, don't mention furniture to me, I'm pathologically obsessed with it. When I get into a furniture salon I feel like a kid in a candy shop :) I even think I need professional help :) since I cannot resist the urge to buy half of the furniture I see. You have a nice job.
I'm a professor of English language and literature. I teach students, but my main job (and the one I like most) is translating books from English to Serbian for our readers and publishers.
Yep, it is me in the picture (I don't get why noone else puts their pics here) as Merlin the wizard :))
My real name is Miroslav (you can find me over at FaceBook under my real name Miroslav Bashich).
Hope you had a nice Halloween weekend, George.

nebular said...

Our prime minister's first name is Boiko ;)

English language professor! I knew it!:) Your English is so good, I was stunned when I found out that you are Serbian. It is [nearly] perfect! Bravo!
Your job's much interesting than mine. I'm not as obsessed with furniture as you, but I like it - I have many friends that ask me for my opinion when they are buying a kitchen or a sofa... :)
I don't mind to put own photo here, but it's more fun when you are incognito ;)
I was going to ask you,, how did you make your "Spy on this charmers too" list? Which gadget is that? Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm new here. I learn pretty fast though ;)
Have a great evening, Miroslav! :) Glad that I met you!

DEZMOND said...

Boiko? Then why does everybody call him Boris Borisov all around the world??? :)

SPY ON THESE CHARMERS is, of course, my own invention :) as are all other tittles in my blog.

You have a lot of cool gadgets over at your dashboard session. Just find the LAYOUT key, and then find ADD A GADGET. Blogger will open a window for you with a whole list of possible gadgets you can add into your sidebar.
The one you're thinking of is MY BLOG LIST but I changed its name to make it more cool and more my style :)
One of the cool gadgets which you can get outside Blogger is FLAG COUNTER, you have it at the bottom of my sidebar. I've just put it there few days ago and was absolutely amazed by the fact that people read my blog even in GEORGIA, IRAN, PHILIPPINES ... and more than 30 other countries.
Most people don't leave comments, they just read, so you will always have 1000 times more readers than comments, so don't let that confuse you or ruin your spirits :)

Thanks for being stunned, but I think you're just joking ;P

nebular said...

Do they?! I didn't know that. They should call him Boiko - that's his real name!

I know where the gadgets are, buddy. I was asking for this gadget in particular ;) I supposed you've changed the name of the gadget - I do that too. ;)
Yep, FLAG COUNTER looks cool! I haven't even noticed it till you told me about it.
I know that most of the readers do not leave comments - I have experience with "Rotten Tomatoes" - my journal has been viewed around 320000 times, but the comments were 1000 time less. I'm very proud with my old RT Journal, because two years ago, it was No.12 on TOP 25 MOST VIEWED JOURNALS! :)
I'm not joking at all - your English skills are enviable! :)

DEZMOND said...

yep, it's MY BLOG LIST, I've just changed the tittle, you can do that with all the gadgets you have in your side bars to make them more unique :) You just have to click on the little tools symbol you have under the boxes and then go on with the changes, but you know all of that already :)

I've never been to ROTTEN TOMATOES, but I see it's a mecca for all the filmaniacs :)))

Hey, your English is also amazing, and you haven't even studied it at college :)
I like that your reviews are short, most people write way too long posts.

nebular said...

I was obsessed with Rotten Tomatoes before! It was colorful, entertaining and very informative, but an year ago they've changed everything and user's journals lost individuality! They really screwed up everything and the site became a mess. I really hate them for that reason!
My English is definitely not as good as yours. I'm 60% self-educated :) My basic knowledge is from High School.
Glad you like the reviews. I hate writing long posts - I get bored and readers get bored too :)

DEZMOND said...

Oh, yes, they like doing such crap on many different big sites from time to time, and then they just lose half of their readers and fans.
I had my blog on MySpace for a long time but I left after they ruined the whole system there.

You still have an excellent knowledge of English, and I bet you speak helluva Serbian as well :PP
I've learnt all I know from English myself as well. The college didn't help me much.

Yep, keep them simple and straight to the point ;)
PS did you put these colours here in respect to your national flag? :)

nebular said...

I've never had a blog in MySpace! I'm not a fan of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter....

Despite its changes Rotten Tomatoes still remains my favorite movie site!

As for the colors - no, not at all - I just like green very much and I think the combination of green and red colors look great! I'm a 'colorful' person and I like bright, vivid, sharp colors! ;)

DEZMOND said...

FaceBook is good because it can help you find a lot of old friends and make new ones.

Green is my personal, signature colour, too :)
And I do believe in the psychology of colours. Your favourite colour or the colour you choose to put around you or on you, can reveal a lot about your personality.